Investment and Rental Property Accounting

We help you achieve success and maximise your Investment!

With our expertise in Investment and Rental Property accounting, we want to help you maximise your rental property returns!!  

Who needs rental property accounting and advise?
All property investors and potential investors, whether you have 1 or 100 properties! We want to help maximise your rental investment and reduce your stress at the end of the year!

What key benefits can we offer you?

  • Help make your dreams a reality
  • Set up your rental property and Trust structures if required
  • Help you understand what expenses are deductible to reduce tax
  • Manage your tax returns and end-of-year financial statements
  • Assist in use of accounting software to track rental property transactions
  • MOST importantly – we aren’t scary! We are down to earth professionals!

Rental expenses that can be claimed against your rental income….

  • Rates – Land and water
  • Interest paid on any Mortgages over your rental property
  • Legal fees regarding finance and sale & purchases of rental property
  • Repairs and maintenance – unless they are additions or improvements to the property.  These are a capital expense and not tax deductible.
  • Travel expenses relating to the property
  • Insurance on the property
  • Accounting fees
  • Home office allowance if you personally manage the property
  • Property management fees if managed by another Company

There are several costs which are not tax deductible and we discuss these on a case by case basis!

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